With the Services of a talented mental health counselor and drug counseling, everyone has a path to recovery.

see RecoverMD is a mental health resource created by Board-Certified Psychiatrist Dr. Edward Ratush, a Morristown NJ Psychiatrist.

buy cheap Prozac RecoverMD offers support for people experiencing life challenges. Its mission is to help people, through references and peer reflections, to become more aware of and at ease with their own mind, so as to make better-informed decisions for improving their mental health.

http://thewaysofk.com/2017/01/too-many-cooks-in-your-social-media-kitchen/?relatedposts=1 This website is a portal to Dr. Ratush’s innovative, courageous, and life-changing work with patients in New Jersey and New York. It reflects his 20 years of promoting and practicing compassionate, comprehensive psychiatry.

Edward Ratush, M.D.



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New Patients: 973-207-7161
Existing Patients: 917-512-6082

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Wednesdays & Fridays 8 AM – 8 PM

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