What can I expect at my first appointment?

You can expect to be treated with sincerity and care. I deal with many people who haven’t set foot in a psychiatrist’s office before. Coming with certain expectations of treatment is understandable, but I work to break down those barriers of communication and have honest conversations with each patient.

As I wrote in my bio, I strive to connect, share, and laugh with all my patients. I dress and decorate my workspace casually. No white robes or walls of degrees. I am who I am and that is who you will find.


When do you prescribe medicine?

I prescribe medicine after doing a full consultation and diagnosis and ensuring that medication is the best way to proceed. I have the ability to conduct genetic testing to determine which medicine will be the most effective. In the case of those battling addiction, I prescribe medicine to mitigate the pain and feelings of withdrawal to assist with the recovery process. I also use ketamine therapy with patients who have resisted antidepressant treatments in the past.


I’ve been on a number of different antidepressants and none of them seem to work. Do you have a solution?

Sometimes patients have been through the ringer of psychiatric care and they have little of faith in finding a solution to their mental health needs. I seek out these patients. The path to recovery can be difficult and discouraging, but communicating clearly with a trained professional whose passion is getting people back on track is so important. I have a number of treatments for patients who have been chemically resistant to treatment in the past – including genetic testing, ketamine therapy, and other methods.


I need to see a psychiatrist, but I don’t have time to come into the office with my busy schedule. Do you offer services over the phone?

I accommodate video conferencing for patients who don’t have time to come into the office. This service is called telepsychiatry, and you can find out more here


Will my insurance cover an appointment?

Patients with insurance are seen via telepsychiatry by my Group Practice. Visit SohoMD.com for more details.