Everyone has a path to recovery

Dr. Edward Ratush is a physician therapist for persons who have addiction and co-occurring psychiatric symptoms that make recovery particularly difficult. By treating both, Ratush guides his patients back to health.

RecoverMD is a mental health resource created by Dr. Ratush. RecoverMD offers support for people experiencing life challenges. Its mission is to help people, through references and peer reflections, to become more aware of and at ease with their own mind, so as to make better-informed decisions for improving their mental health.

Dr. Ratush’s innovative, courageous, and life-changing work with patients reflects 20 years of practicing compassionate, comprehensive psychiatry.

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Things I did because I had to

University of California at Berkeley
BA, Religious Studies

Boston University School of Medicine
MD, Medicine
1998 - 2002
Arnold Prize

The Mount Sinai Hospital
sidency in Psychiatry
2002 - 2006
Resident Teacher of the Year

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Sex Therapy

2004 -2005

Boarded in

  • Psychiatry and Neurology, 2007

  • Addiction Medicine, 2008

Things I do because I want to

Medical Director for the Center for Great Expectations - Trauma informed care for addicted Mothers

Founding Partner of SohoMD - National Innovative medically informed psychiatric group practice

President of RecoverMD - Personalized medicine for co-occurring psychiatric and addiction problems

How I strive to connect

Excelling in science got me to Berkeley, as a nuclear engineering major. I soon realized that I needed more that math to live the life I live today. So, my first step towards becoming the doctor and therapist I am today was made when I switched out of the Engineering Department and became a Religious Studies Major. I use what I learned studying the worlds religions way more than the computer language Fortran :)

On my first day of 3rd year surgical rotation I was volunteered to tell a women I never met before that she has breast cancer. Why me? I speak russian and the surgeon was running thin on patience. That was the day I learned that most of medicine is a form of translation. and that many doctors hide behind medical language so that they don’t have to do what I was forced to do on that day.

I realized that there is no greater service a doctor can offer than honest and genuine communication.

I became a physician not on the day of graduation from BU, but the day I told a loving family that their Mother, and Wife was going to die and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Its been 15 years and I still cannot find a more pivotal moment of my clinical development.

I am profoundly aware of my ignorance in medicine and in life. I offer my consultations as my humble best synthesis of what I know and what I am.

I strive to connect, share, laugh with all my patients. I do not display my degrees, or dress in a way that demonstrates my official status. I am who I am and that is who you will find.